Man Love - Week 6

I'm going to highlight a few players that I love for this week. They are likely in your lineup already, but consider this a touch of affirmation.

Arian Foster

Despite Arian coming out and saying this:

"(The NFL) emphasize(s) concussions when they start getting hit with lawsuits and then they care about the player safety but Thursday Night Football is putting every player on the football field in danger," Foster said. "Nobody is ready to play physically after a Sunday game but you have to go out there and do it."


His stat line in his 3 previous Thursday games tells another story:

  • 12/2/10 - 83 yards rushing, 1 touchdown, 2 receptions for 26 yards and 1 touchdown
  • 12/22/11 - 158 yards rushing, 1 touchdown, 3 receptions for 16 yards
  • 11/22/12 - 102 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns, 5 receptions for 15 yards

In 3 games, he is averaging 114 yards and a touchdown.

There are many reasons to like Arian Foster; his dislike of cat owners, his candor and wit on social media, and the fact that he has been forced to live his entire life with a name that is phonetically identical to those of many hate groups whose existence is solely based on hating people such as Arian Foster.


But goddammit, I love him this week. Look for Mr. Foster to put forth another great effort on Thursday night.

Emmanuel Sanders

Peyton Manning has admitted to favoring certain targets for varying reasons (such as last week with Demaryus Thomas). Sanders will be The Golden Child this weekend versus the Jets.


He is averaging 8 catches and 109 yards a game this year but hasn't found the end zone yet. Through 5 games the Jets have given up 12 touchdowns through the air and only have one interception.

Look for Manning to make sure Sanders hits pay dirt this weekend.

Brian Hoyer

Hoyer is quietly putting together a solid resume with a no-name wide receiving corps. Through 4 games, he is averaging 254 yards & 1.5 touchdowns per game with only 1 interception.


As his confidence in his wide receiver group grows (and his confidence in his rebuilt knee) look for his stat line to continue to grow.

Also, Ben Roethlisberger owns the Browns on Sundays, amassing an 18-1 record in his career so far. I expect another close game between these two (30-27 Steelers win week 1), and I expect Hoyer to improve on this 230 yard 1 touchdown performance.


Something along the lines of 275 yards and 2 scores.

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