Week 9 Projections

There are no projections for this week. No one knows what is going to happen this weekend. I could spit out a bunch of numbers for players and you could follow or fade that information, but what fun is that?

You're playing fantasy football for a reason. It's fun. Isn't it great when a hunch comes through and you're the only one that started Sydney Donte Moncrief last week and crushed your opponent?


Stuck in your decision making process between two guys that are going to score about the same? Start the guy who is on prime time. Or start the guy who plays in the game that airs in your market. It doesn't matter.

My scenario this week is I have Giovani Bernard and he has a bad hip. He might blow up this week, he might play 3 snaps and get hurt worse. Do I swap him out for Jerrick McKinnon or Denard Robinson? What if AJ Green plays?



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